My ‘worst case scenario’ self talk constantly crept in when thinking about goals I wished to achieve, but Rachel not only helped me to reframe how I thought about these goals and actually think about what would succeeding in them look like, but also to understand that that voice wasn’t an inner enemy as I’d always considered it, but almost a form of protection I’d set in my mind to try and prevent such things happening to me. This change in narrative changed everything.


London, UK

mollie jackson.jpg

...What also makes her special is her way of combining coaching and giving you tools to set you on your path as well as providing you with the more ethereal spiritual side of tapping into yourself. I feel like I transformed during this program in way that I felt more open, integrated and more aligned with my boundaries. The huge thing about this program is that it me made feel CONFIDENT in the sense that "I am secure, I am showing up for myself every day". If you are willing to put in the work and show up for yourself and trust Rachel then the You Are The Masterpiece program is for you. I highly recommend it!

Mollie (MJ)

Alaska, US


During my time on the You Are The Masterpiece program, I was able to open up and trust myself. I have started and continued new routines and achieving goals. Rachel made me feel extremely comfortable. It was like being with a friend but leaving each session with a purpose and intentions. I really enjoyed the goal setting and looking back at what I have achieved over the weeks. I would recommend this to anyone and who wants a push in the right direction and open themselves up to new and exciting opportunities.


London, UK


I joined the You Are The Masterpiece program at a cross roads where I no longer knew what I wanted to achieve in my professional career. I was unhappy with my loss of ambition but unsure how to regain it or what I wanted to do. Through the support and encouragement we reviewed influences, set goals and better understood the causes. Now completing the programme I am still on a journey however can see how far I have come, my focus is back, I know where I want to go and am focused to get there. I would not be here without Rachel’s support.


London, UK

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After one hour of guided meditation, I couldn't believe how relaxed I was. Things were a bit chaotic at the time in my personal life but I could think so much clearer afterwards. I had been working so hard beforehand and decided after the session to prioritise my self care and take some time out. It was so interesting to learn about the energy each planet has and how they can affect us as well. Can't wait for more soon!


London, UK


I have an absolutely fun time and I really enjoyed the session so much! This is my first time learning all the mediation techniques and oracle reading! Rachel is such a sweetheart, she explain everything perfectly clear- and she is very patient answering all of my questions!
Her vibe is fantastic. Definitely would come back for more oracles reading next time. I left the session feeling high vibes and happy!


Jakarta, Indonesia

Rachel invited me to attend one of her energy healing sessions and I was very sceptical at first. After some Kundalini breathwork with her, I definitely felt like I had developed superpowers - I do breathwork for yoga but nothing like this! I left the session feeling so relaxed and clear minded. She is amazing and I recommend her to everyone!


Madrid, Spain