What the f*ck is Moldavite?

Updated: May 2, 2021

Now if you follow me on social media you will know that I am crystal obsessed and have a crazy collection all over my house and in every bag I own (I wish I were exaggerating!).

So you can imagine my absolute fanatical delight when a friend asked me to tell her more about Moldavite. Now if you are Tik Tok obsessed or equally, have friends that are – you will surely at some point have been made aware of this tektite that is taking the internet by storm.

Gorgeous green moldavite - the tektite that is shaking up the internet in a big way due to its high vibrational properties.

So what is the deal with it? People have reported that this crystal has an energy so intense that it has the ability turn your life upside down, encouraging dramatic changes that may not necessarily seem like they are for your highest good at first. It is said that it accelerates your spiritual transformation process – almost like a Fast Track pass at an amusement park but in this case, the aim is to turn you into a high vibrational badass.

Chrysocolla (above) : Moldavite alternative

Now there are many other transformational crystals/stones out there like Chrysocolla for example as well as Malachite and Shungite. So why is everyone suddenly obsessed with Moldavite specifically? I mean, it goes without saying that social media has boosted its popularity however the rarity of this crystal will also have something to do with the increased wow factor. Since its popularity has soared, so has its price and as a result so have the amount of scammers who are happily selling fake Moldavite.

My thoughts? If you are being pulled towards a direction of spiritual transformation, then I am sending you all of my love as you’re reading this. There is nothing like embarking on a healing journey to finally address any shadow wounds that are holding you back from you stepping into your authentic self. With all inner work, one must understand that there is no one trick to fix all of life’s problems and the Universe/God/the Divine likes to verify whether we are truly ready to move on to the next step in our spiritual progress by presenting us with repeat events in our life until we have learned the lesson behind them. In short – a healing journey is not a bed of roses all of the time. Therefore, accelerating what is already something as delicate as your spiritual growth should be considered carefully.

If you are drawn to purchasing a Moldavite, think about why. What is it that attracts you to the stone or the fact that it brings about such sudden change? Perhaps meditate on your intentions for a while by journaling or using any other type of method that allows you to freely work through your emotions and see what comes up for you. Please note that the colour green is associated with the heart chakra, if you feel called by the tektite could it be that you are in need of energetic healing in this area?

Borderline nagging aside, if you do still want to explore this tektite then I recommend purchasing one from Venusrox based in London. So just to be clear I have no affiliation with the business whatsoever however, I have purchased from them twice in the past and trust me when I say that the products are of the highest grade I have ever seen. I will warn you though that they are not cheap but in this case, you do get what you pay for. I am also recommending this business because they have such a large collection of rare crystals, tektites etc. so when you hear that Moldavite is slowly becoming extinct, you can trust that you will get a legitimate one from these guys. And yes - they ship both to the UK and internationally. Having said that, please read their delivery notes before finalising your purchase and also take heed of the advice they give about the tektite on their page:

If you have any questions at all or fancy a chat over a virtual coffee, please feel free to drop me a message at:

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