Client Transformations

Shivani (London, UK)

"...This change in narrative changed everything."

Rose (London, UK)

"...I would not be here without Rachel’s support".

Mollie (Alaska, USA)

". I feel like I transformed during this program..."

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Marisa (Jakarta, Indonesia)

"...Definitely would come back for more oracles reading next time...."

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Laura (Madrid, Spain)

"...After some Kundalini breathwork with her, I definitely felt like I had developed superpowers..."

Latoya (London, UK)

" ...It was like being with a friend but leaving each session with a purpose and intentions..."

Dharsh (London, UK)

"After one hour of guided meditation, I couldn't believe how relaxed I was..."

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Dazzy (Singapore, Singapore)

"...The insights she provided into her cards were much more in depth than any other tarot card reader I had come across...."